Thursday, July 31, 2008

Helene's Property Place

"This company would not be a good choice to do business with. Helene's property has been known to charge outrageous and uneccessary fees to its tenants. It is also known that Helene's property does not maintain their properties either. I personally looked at one of their properties (was told we only had 3 minutes on the dot in the property) and noticed the exterior door would not latch. I was notified that this would not be fixed until well after I had signed a lease. What a great example of how you will be treated as a tenant when they don't even treat you well as a potential customer.I highly suggest not doing business with this company. Ask around, everyone, no exagerrations, strongly dislikes this company and the way it conducts its business. I am an honest student and just want to help out fellow Cougars and warn them that Helene's Property is not the right choice for your housing needs."

Another one:

I wrote my own too:

I hate them sooo much! Alia why didn't we see this before. I'm googling everything I do or live in or go to or whatever to get feedback first.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Life on the switchboard....

Really blows sometimes... Like when RUDE inpatient people call in for a mystery Nancy...

Inpatient woman: Hi can I speak to Nancy?
Me: Yes hold on one second do you know her last name?
RUDE inpatient woman: S something Scarsor...? I don't know! She's in marketing I need to cancel a meeting now!
Me: Yes hol..interrupted)
RUDE woman: Are you new or something I told you she's in marketing and I need to speak to her now!
Me: haha! no I'm not please hold.
On hold: bitch you try to memorize over 500 employee names and positions
Dialing Lisa in marketing...
Lisa: Hi Ashley
Me: Hey is there a Nancy in Marketing?
Lisa: Yes Nancy Goll
Transferred the bitch....

SHE WAS SOOOO RUDE AND COMPLETELY OFF ON THE LAST NAME AND WAS MAD AT ME!!!! When there are 500 employees, 15 Nancys and the directory doesn't show a Nancy in Marketing because she is new I would like some patience. Thanks! I need a drink now...

hahaha here's a good one...

Me: Davis Wright Tremaine how many I help you?
Caller: uh yes is this lawyer office?
Me: Yes.. can I help you find someone?
Caller: Yes
Caller: .......
Caller: Hello?
Me: yes hi! do need to find anyone in particular?
Caller: yes I having trouble with staying America. I'm immigrant.
Me: ok... hold please!
hahahahah oh people and there problems I wish Kassara would call in.

Kassara: Um yes I need a lawyer I beat a bitch up cuz my boyfriend is a cheater..

I think about her problems often when people call in....hahahaha

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jury Duty

I was summoned...... thats all I have to say. wtf

Monday, July 7, 2008


Work is slow... All I can think about is getting back to school or thinking of cool things to go into my apartment. I really just want to go home and sleep outside in the sun right now. Maybe they won't notice I'm gone.
Went to mayfield again this weekend and had yet another successful fun time with Alia's family. Came out with a few more party battle wounds than normal.
Dad is in the hospital yet again and Cruella is taking over again. Not going to happen while I'm still here for the summer that's for sure. Action must be taken asap.

Monday, June 23, 2008


I can not begin to explain the amount of ADD I am suffering from right now. I could get fired for this, but my problem today is that I don't even notice when I space off until 10.. 15.. 20.. minutes later. I start off looking up case numbers and files around the office and wake up from my space case in the middle of a google search for soup or a mapquest seach from Tacoma to Port Orchard... I don't know anyone in Port Orchard... In the hopes of correcting my problem today I created my blog to help me focus and not black out into space again and to waste useful time. If all else fails I go home in a hour so whats another ADD black out. I'll catch up with my work tommorrow I assume. I imagine I'm lacking sleep because I got about a totally of 8 hours this weekend. There was way to much fun to have. I hope this is a successful first blog? Shout out to Alia for helping me hahaha